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The beginning of April see the hottest live poker event hit the UK and you can be part of the action. Party Poker are running some online tournaments to get you into the live tables for a chance at the $500,000 guaranteed prize fund.

Get yourself over to Party Poker and joins the biggest poker party in the UK. One of the biggest sites with a huge amount of players and an amazing amount of tournaments.

PartyPoker have been around for many years and are well regarded as one of the safest and most secure online poker rooms. They offer a great bonus for new players and excellent VIP perks to keep you playing. The variety and standard of poker here is truly immense.

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All through this winter 888 Poker are giving away thousands of freeroll tournament entries to their lucky players. Everyday there is a $10,000 (£6,000) freeroll tournament and you can win your seat at one of these very lucrative poker tables.

When you join the biggest online poker team at 888 you will be given £12 free play to test your skill on the tables. There is no deposit needed to get this free cash so hurry up and register today as this is a limited time offer.

In addition to the £12 FREE you will also be handed a FREEROLL ticket for one of the daily prize tables. Each day there is £6,000 up for grabs. Play your first freeroll and then keep playing on the tables to earn yourself more freeroll tournament entries.

When you play on the tables and get to a poker showdown with 1 or more other poker players and have a set of 8's in your hand, a cool three-of-kind 8's, you will be awarded another freeroll entry ticket. This is a great promotion for one of the biggest poker FREEROLL giveaways.

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Winner Poker offer some of the biggest and best poker tournaments that you will find online. The major one I need to tell you about is the BIG SUNDYAY. This is a €100,000 tournament and you get the qualifiers right here.

New players at Winner Poker will like the look and feel of the poker rooms, the tables are stylish and the variety of games, tables, limits and players is immense. They offer every poker game you can think of and could possible want to play online. The Texas Hold'em is obviously the most popular game and attracts upwards of 5,000 players online at any one time, there is always a free table and some great poker action.

When you sign up you are entitled to a NEW PLAYERS PACKAGE that can lead to a €1,200 free bonus. This is a 250% bonus, one of the biggest in the business.

Winner also invites all new players to the weekly NEW PLAYER FREEROLL. You are granted entry to the Winner Freeroll Super Turbo tables and also get entry to the weekly $250 Weekly Depositors Freeroll. What a great combination.

There are many other tournaments on offer including freeroll feeder tournaments for the €75,000 and €100,000 super freezeouts!

This is a great poker room and well worth a visit!

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Casino Poker Games

However for the serious gambler and poker player other variants are becoming more popular as more skill is involved and the rewards can be greater.

We have found 2 casinos that provide a different variety of poker games which the serious poker player would love. La Isla Casino and MegaKings present a full list of casino poker rooms that offer free download, practise money, welcome and deposit bonus and several different poker games.

All poker online games follow the standard poker hierarchy of hands, going from high card up to royal flush. As shown in the diagram below.

poker hands

Caribbean Poker

This game is a stud poker game. You place an ante and are then dealt 5 cards. You then choose whether to fold or bet. The bet is double the ante. Once you have made your bet the dealers cards are turned. The dealer has to qualify by getting a ace/king combination or higher. If the dealer doesn´t qualify you win on the ante and have your bet returned.

If the dealer qualifies you need to have a better poker hand than the dealer to win even money on the ante and a payout according to the paytable on your bet.

Pai Gow Poker

In Pai Gow Poker, the object is to divide your seven card hand into a five-card (“Highest”) and a two-card hand (“2nd Highest”). The five-card hand must always outrank the two-card hand (hence the names “Highest” and “2nd Highest”). The five-card hand is ranked as in Poker, except that an A-2-3-4-5 straight is the second highest straight. The two-card hand can be either a pair or individual cards. The highest two-card hand is a pair of aces and the lowest is a 2-3. You can divide your hand yourself, or let the computer split it, using a method called the House Way

Pai Gow Poker is played using a standard 53 card deck, including a Joker. The joker can only be used to complete a straight, flush, or straight flush, otherwise it is treated as an ace.

After the hands have been arranged, your hands are compared to these of the dealer’s and the winner is determined: If both the dealer’s hands are higher, you lose your bet. If one of the dealer’s hands is higher, one lower, it is a push and your bet is returned. If both your hands are higher, you win even money on your bet (1 to 1) minus 5% bank commission.

Poker Three

Poker Three contains two games in one. You may bet on one or both games. There is Pair Plus and Ante and Play.
Pair Plus is a simple game where you place a bet, receive a hand of three cards and get paid according to your hand. The dealer’s hand is irrelevant. There is no raising or no discarding. It works simply on a paytable that is evens for a pair, 4 to 1 for a flush, 6 to 1 for a straight, 30 to 1 for 3 of a kind and 40 to 1 for a straight flush.

Ante and PlayYou place an Ante and then you are dealt three cards, you then have the choice to fold or call (place a bet equal to the ante). The dealers cards are then revealed and the dealer must have a Queen or higher to qualify.

If the dealer qualifies and your hand beats the dealer you are paid out on your ante and bet.

Let Them Ride Poker

Place three equal-sized bets and click the Deal button.

You receive three cards. Two community cards are placed at the top of the screen face down. Your goal is to form as good a 5 card poker hand as possible with your three cards and the two community cards. You have the option to remove one of your bets, if you think your hand is weak. If you do not want to remove a bet, you just "Let Them Ride".

Now one of the community cards is turned over. Again you have the option to pull out one of your bets - or Let Them Ride.

Now the second community card is turned over. You receive a winning if you have a winning hand. If not, you lose your remaining bets. If your hand matches a poker hand on the pay table you will recieve a payout. Each bet remaining on the table wins according to the winning table, so in case of a winning hand the more bets you have left on the table, the better.

Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is a simple game that pays out according to the pay table, you can alternatively play High Tequila depending on the cards that you are dealt.
You are dealt 4 cards and you the have the choice to fold, play tequila poker, or play high tequila.

Tequila Poker you are dealt two more cards and you have to make a 5 card poker hand containing a minimum of a pair of aces. A pair of aces pays even money. If you dont reach a pair of aces you have no hand and lose your bet.

High Tequilathe first 4 cards dealt are given a number value from 2 to 11 (picture cards being worth 10 and aces worth 11). If you have a high number from your first 4 cards you can choose to play high tequila and hope that the total value of the 6 cards you are dealt is 46 or higher. Choose High Tequila and you are dealt 2 more cards. Your cards are totalled up and if you have 46 or higher you are paid according to the pay table.

Casino Holdem Poker

Casino Holdem at MegaKings Casino is a community card poker game played in a very similar way to Texas Holdem. In Casino Holdem you play against the dealers hand. Place an Ante and get dealt two cards and 3 community cards are also dealt.

You then have a choice of whether to fold your hand or bet. If you bet you are doubling your stake and then the remaining 2 community cards are dealt.

You have to beat the dealers hand, in line with the standard poker hands hierarchy, to claim your winnings.

Texas Holdem Poker

Please see our dedicated Texas Holdem Poker page for full details of this fantastic poker game.

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